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Dravious Wright crushes Troy quarterback Brandon Silvers

When this play happened, I was still angry about how NC State's defense had finished the first half and started the second. The end of the half was a complete debacle, and then another breakdown (I believe on Dravious Wright's part, but replays in Carter-Finley were scarce all night) led to another quick Troy score.

Then Dravious Wright came clean through on Brandon Silvers' blind side and gave him a hit he'll never forget. I don't think I will, either. Sitting at the opposite end, high in the upper deck, it was like Silvers disappeared in a cloud of smoke, with only his helmet bobbing midair where he had once existed. I did not know if he was still in one piece.

The emotion in a stadium that a play like this sparks is hard to describe. There's the deep ooooooooh resulting from the collective "oh holy good heavens sweet gracious" response of 50,000 people. Then this incredible jolt of energy as everyone just kinda shouts at each other in disbelief about this crazy thing they just saw. Did you see that kid's helmet go flying like that? I MEAN, DID YOU, MAN? DID YOU SEE THAT?

Whew. Wow. I was no longer upset at the defense after that.