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NC State football: Wolfpack wearing black against Eastern Kentucky; depth chart updated

James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

A couple of quick items this afternoon: first, NC State will be in black for a September non-conference game for the second year in a row. The Wolfpack last wore their black uniforms against Old Dominion, and NC State announced Monday that they will return for Eastern Kentucky.

I know there are folks who don't like it when State does this, but remember--the important thing is that the players and recruits like them. That's pretty much the only thing that matters.

When you're trying to raise your program's profile among recruits locally and elsewhere, every little bit helps.

The Pack also released an updated depth chart for Eastern Kentucky, which near as I can tell contains no significant changes. Center Quinton Schooley, who went down briefly in the second half with apparent cramps, is listed as a starter. So is cornerback Jack Tocho, who may have been dinged up Saturday.

Always good to get out of Week 1 relatively unscathed, especially considering what's happened elsewhere in the ACC.