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Happy New Year, and thank you

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Happy new year, everybody. I want to thank you for reading this site, and thank everybody who has contributed this year. Will has done a tremendous job, as usual, with the #goacc Moment of the Week; Omega was there after every football game to restore some sanity; Matt kept us up to date on football recruiting whatnots; Tyler helped put the basketball season in perspective; and Alec was on campus to witness every NC State sports tragedy in person. (Alec has since been promoted to Senior Sports-Tragedy Correspondent.)

NC State sports might not have cooperated a bunch, but this last year has been a lot of fun for me. The community here means a lot.

Thanks for being there most days, and thanks for making jokes, because, man, we needed jokes this year. (We need jokes every year.) You've been responsible for the NC State football gif of the year--hi Jaylen--and you are the standard when it comes to nicknaming NC State athletes. You're the best. Thanks, y'all. Oh and hey we have a game in *checks watch* soon.

Ahem. Back to work.