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Eliah Drinkwitz to NC State: Early reactions include a lot of surprise out of Boise

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Eliah Drinkwitz' departure from Boise State appears to have caught a lot of folks in Boise off guard, including media members. Just scanning the knee-jerk reactions to the news on Twitter this evening, the tone has generally been one of surprise and disappointment from folks in Boise. The Broncos will be on their sixth offensive coordinator in seven years in 2016--assuming head coach Bryan Harsin doesn't take over the play-calling duties--which certainly adds to that sentiment. That is a lot of turnover.

Here are some of those reactions:

An important nugget in there: Drinkwitz' reputation as a good recruiter. First and foremost you obviously want to hire a guy who is good at the whole play-calling thing, but if you can also find a guy who will be beneficial on the recruiting trail, it's a big bonus. And no doubt NC State could use a little more help in that regard.