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Eliah Drinkwitz receives three-year deal worth $450,000 per season

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

NC State's new offensive coordinator got a three-year deal from the Wolfpack worth $450,000 annually in base salary, according to the N&O's Joe Giglio. This represents a significant pay raise for Drinkwitz, who earned around $300,000 as Boise's offensive coordinator in 2015.

Former NC State offensive coordinator Matt Canada was one of the league's highest-paid coaches at that position, and thanks to a new deal signed last January was making $560,000 in base salary (plus bonuses for academic and on-field benchmarks). The exchange saves NC State a few bucks, and it might end up working out for the Wolfpack in some other ways as well.

Drinkwitz--or Drinky, as he likes to be called--is taking over a deep group of skill players on the offensive side. Sure, there's offensive linemen to replace, and a quarterback, and a tight end, whatever that is. But there is a lot of depth at running back to work with, and I'm told Dave Doeren sealed the deal when he told Drinkwitz "we have Jaylen Samuels."