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2016 Senior Bowl: Jacoby Brissett has opportunity to improve NFL Draft stock

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

Jacoby Brissett has been down in Mobile, Alabama, this week preparing for the Senior Bowl. The Senior Bowl gives players an opportunity to get coaching pointers from NFL staffs (one NFL staff coaches each team), and provides a lot of exposure to scouts. It's a big opportunity early in the process leading up to the NFL Draft.

Senior Bowl date: Saturday, Jan.  30

Game time: 2:30 p.m. ET

TV: NFL Network


Brissett is one of four quarterbacks on the South team--Arkansas' Brandon Allen, Mississippi State's Dak Prescott, and Alabama's Jake Coker are the others competing for reps come Saturday afternoon. Each of those players should get a full quarter, it's just a matter of who fits where. (Coker is expected to start.)

Brissett this week has been focused on hanging in the pocket longer (via Sports Illustrated):

A focus for him this week has been in sticking with his receivers, rather than bailing too early.

"Just hang in there and make the throws, just trust the pocket," he said. "I know one time throwing it to Gronk [Kansas State FB Glenn Gronkowski], I was just stepping up in the pocket. Let somebody else take the hit. I took enough of those in my career."

He also caught the eye of Baylor head coach Art Briles (via

I was standing next to Baylor's Art Briles talking about some of the draftable Baylor prospects, and he commented a couple of times on how impressed he was by North Carolina State quarterback Jacoby Brissett. The first comment came when he discussed watching tape in preparation for a game against North Carolina where Brissett flashed on tape. The second comment came while watching the goal-line portion of the scrimmage when Brissett threw a rocket on a slant for a touchdown.

It sounds like there are plenty of interested teams, but also that they're not sure what to make of Brissett, which makes sense given his performance in college. He's probably a late day-two or day three draft pick at this point, though he can begin to start changing that on Saturday.