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Highlights! Ryan Finley, Matt Dayes lead NC State past Wake Forest

Ryan Finley still hasn’t thrown a pick this season.

Wake Forest v North Carolina State Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images

It definitely wasn’t a clean game, and it wasn’t always enjoyable—or even bearable—but then again, when is this ever easy? Still, NC State piled up over 500 yards of offense against Wake Forest on Saturday: 327 through the air and 200 on the ground.

Ryan Finley threw for a career-high 300 yards, and with three more TD passes today, he has nine for the season, against zero interceptions. He hit Jaylen Samuels seven times, and Stephen Louis provided this explosive plays, including a really impressive back-shoulder grab.

So far Finley has been both accurate and smart with his throws, mostly putting risky passes where only his guys can catch them. After the first week or two it was fair to wonder if this kid is legit, but as the evidence in his favor keeps on piling up, I'm worrying less and less about our QB situation.

On the ground, Dayes cracked what had been an outstanding run defense for 125 yards (and probably should have had more if not for some, er, interesting officiating decisions) with his usual combination of tough, decisive, and elusive running.