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Pharoah McKever: A True Hero

Thanks, Pharoah

Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Let’s all take a second to appreciate Pharoah McKever, who has never made a play that was not hugely important. Pretty much every single time McKever has touched the football in his NC State career, the Pack has scored a touchdown on that play. That’s some remarkable efficiency. He made arguably the most important play of the entire 2014 season, which of course was the glorious pick-six in the Carrier Dome that swung the momentum of that game and possibly the entire season:

Then there his lone official reception, where he was on the receiving end of an extremely long touchdown pass:

Then finally, what was easily the most important play of this season so far:

McKever has an amazing ability to generate touchdowns whenever he touches the ball, which is something the offense should definitely utilize in the upcoming games. Perhaps they need to line up McKever in the backfield and have him quickly touch the football after it gets snapped to Finley. Guaranteed six points. Or maybe cut out the middle man in this new strategy and start McKever at center?