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NC State opens as 16.5-point underdog to Clemson

Yeah that’s probably about right.

NCAA Football: Clemson at Boston College Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

To the surprise of absolutely no one anywhere, NC State is a heavy underdog heading into its game against Clemson this weekend. The line on the game opened at Clemson -16.5 in Las Vegas, and in some cases it has moved to Clemson -17.5 since then.

No love from the sharps after our most glorious victory over powerhouse Notre Dame, huh. Well, FINE then.

Amusingly enough, Clemson and NC State are the last two Atlantic Division teams without a loss in conference play. If you feel like it, you can close your eyes and pretend that these teams are on the same level and are preparing for a huge showdown to decide the division. Who needs reality, anyway.

Not this week we don’t, that’s for sure. Not next week, either. Find a happy place, folks, we will get through this difficult time together, I’m 12 percent sure of it.