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Here’s an incomplete list of people who are the worst

so much the worst

North Carolina State v Clemson Photo by Todd Bennett/Getty Images

There are many bad people on this planet, unfortunately, and some are worse than others. Honestly, the “gets angry at unpaid college athlete on Twitter” group is well on down the Worst Types Of People Anyone Should Care About pecking order, but that doesn’t mean it should be free of public humiliation.

If you’re so upset about the outcome of a college sporting event to tweet at the player you believe has wronged you, then maybe—just maybe—said player is not the problem in this equation. College Spun already has put together a nice list of very lame people who harassed Kyle Bambard after his missed last-second field goal at Clemson. (One of them refers to himself as “Bubba Trump.” You could not make this shit up if you tried.)

I’m adding to the list because this brand of coward deserves all the public shaming it can get.

Here, now, an ongoing list of people who are the worst:

The worst.

Definitely the worst.

Incredibly the worst.

Super duper the worst.

Impressively worster than most of the worst.

The worst conceivable egg, which is saying something, because I can think of a lot of bad eggs.

If you were wondering if one of these idiots has a shitty motivational poster for a Twitter bio, well, wonder no more, because it’s that fucking guy.

Let’s not be bringing anyone’s RA aptitude into this discussion, okay, pal.

Wow that is a good one.

It’s zingers left and right around here!

All of the above persons have earned the BTP 100% WORST seal of approval, you may begin cowardly deleting your tweets once this post goes live.