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UNC kicker Nick Weiler sends note of encouragement to Kyle Bambard

Social media can be a good thing, too!

North Carolina v Florida State Photo by Jeff Gammons/Getty Images

Nobody could understand what Kyle Bambard is going through this week better than a fellow kicker. UNC field goal kicker Nick Weiler took the time on Monday afternoon to send a motivational note to Bambard on Twitter. (Warning: You may be forced to conclude that you like a Tar Heel football player after you see this.)

(hat tip to Tim for the find)

As much as the internet is a platform for people to be a bunch of lamers sometimes, it’s also pretty cool that it allows players from different schools to communicate to each other so easily. I appreciate your gesture, Nick Weiler, you’re all right. (Go to hell Carolina.*)

(*Contractual obligation. Sorry, Nick.)