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Diamond logo memories: NC State 46, Clemson 39

Torry Holt was very good.

Clemson V North Carolina State

Since NC State is wearing the diamond logo, it’s worth looking back on one of the highlights from that era, and this is among my personal favorites. The game didn’t feature a high-profile ranked opponent like FSU or Syracuse, but it was an entertaining contest nonetheless.

And Torry Holt went for 200+ receiving and caught four touchdowns on the day. That was against Clemson in 1998, a game that NC State won 46-39 thanks to a last-minute touchdown drive. You can watch a condensed version of the contest below.

State forced several highly entertaining turnovers in the game, plus of course Torry Holt doing his usual things. (I swear, that stupid bubble screen has never ever worked for anyone but Torry Holt.)

Also, if you want to get an idea of how much things can change in 18 years: look at who is coaching at Clemson and look at the apparel logo on their jerseys.