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NC State a 10-point underdog to UNC

James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

It may be a very black Friday indeed for NC State. The Wolfpack closes out the regular season at North Carolina and will enter the game as a double-digit underdog. The line opened at UNC -10, per Vegas Insider, but has already gone up to -12 in some places. Confidence is low, repeat, confidence is low.

I'm worried that State's players are not going to be interested in playing this game at all, after all of the frustrating performances and close losses they've gone through this season. It's an important game, no doubt--it is UNC we're talkin' about here--but if they came out flat, let's just say I wouldn't be stunned.

And if they do come out like that, the odds of a win or even covering the spread shrink substantially. They certainly won't have a chance in hell if they play like they did against Miami over the weekend.

UNC, meanwhile, can finish the season with 10 wins by beating the Pack and winning its bowl game.