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2016 bowl projections: NC State is going to the Independence Bowl?

State is going bowling somewhere. Maybe not the best where, but that is okay.

North Carolina State v North Carolina Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Some discussion emerged during the NCSU-UNC game that if the Wolfpack ended up bowl eligible, they would have an offer from the Independence Bowl. That came from NC State’s radio broadcast, according to Steve Wiseman:

And then, after the game:


Seriously, though, a team’s bowl destination can be a continuously moving target throughout the last weekend of the regular season, and while NC State hasn’t exactly earned a spot higher up the pecking order within the ACC, you never know***.

(***However, there is a certain tier that, as a 6-6 team, NC State cannot reach. As a 6-6 team within a league full of a lot of bowl-eligible teams, it’s unlikely that the Pack would end up in, say, Charlotte. Pretty much impossible, actually.)

At least we’re talking about a bowl game today, though. That is an improvement over the last several days and/or weeks. Also: we beat UNC. Don’t forget that NC State beat UNC today. Worry about the rest of the stuff later, and just for now remember that NC State beat UNC and it was good and we enjoyed it.

Party on, everybody.