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Highlights! Trickery and a heavy dose of Matt Dayes lead NC State past UNC

great success!

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at North Carolina Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

For the fourth straight time in this series, the road team was victorious. And while it would be nice if NC State could beat UNC in front of the home crowd one of these years, it is a little extra sweet to win in Chapel Hill, even if we’ve made that fairly routine since 2008 (State has won four of five in Kenan since then, and probably should be five-for-five.)

NC State won on Friday because its offense was both good and relatively consistent—and because all-world quarterback Jaylen Samuels got to show off his skills. If you listen to the call from Mack Brown during that play, you can spot the moment when his heart breaks in half. Sorry, Mack. But not really though.

Between that nice TD toss by Samuels and Matt Dayes’ tremendous, hard-fought touchdown run early in the second quarter, State produced two of the biggest highlights of the season. Not a bad way to go out.