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Here’s the full replay of NC State’s win over UNC

Happy Friday.

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at North Carolina Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

If you happened to miss it last Friday, here is NC State’s 28-21 victory over UNC in all of it’s entire glorious glory***. (I especially recommend the first half, as it was very good.) Enjoy this for the added comedy that comes from knowing that poor Mack Brown had to witness this whole deal first-hand. And enjoy that rich tapestry of horrible ‘90s shirts Mack is shown wearing during a montage in the second half.

(***Well, almost its entire glory. There’s no recovered footage from the technical difficulties portion of the game.)

And don’t forget to watch one of the game’s most underrated moments—Roy Williams’ reaction to UNC’s hilarious 4th down failure in the third quarter. (Starts about 90 minutes in.)

“Oh it’s the bobcat, oh yes ... oh.”

That play begins with Roy all-in on supporting his fellow UNC head coach and then two seconds later he’s screaming internally, managing only to whimper out an “oh” of disappointment. This will amuse me forever. ESPN spent all afternoon focusing on the Mack-UNC connection and then doubled down by bringing Roy into the booth, which all seemed annoying at the time but ended up being so, so perfect.

(hat tip, as usual, to @CylonWolf for the upload)