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Jaylen Samuels made the Independence Bowl a party

Jaylen Samuels can play about 4334 positions. Vandy had no idea what to do about that.

NCAA Football: Independence Bowl-North Carolina State vs Vanderbilt Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, we can quibble on the finer points of the football game but is that in the holiday spirit? No, no it is not, at least not when the larger point is that NC State won by a lot of points and Jaylen Samuels scored several touchdowns. That is a pretty good gift this time of year, if you ask me.

Vanderbilt went into this game content with forcing Samuels to play wide receiver, and that strategy did not work, it did not work at all. And maybe it took all month but offensive coordinator Eli Drinkwitz found a strategy that got JaySam the ball. The result was numerous touchdowns.

It’s a small thing, but watching Jaylen set dudes aside as they vaguely try to tackle him while he runs by will never not be amusing.

I think this was my favorite game of the 2016 season, primarily because the first quarter was so bad and it got so much better from there. Let’s do this again next year, except without that first quarter part.