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BTP The Podcast Vol. 17: Wooooo Jaylen Samuels and also Yelling About Punts Edition

We probably spent too much time yelling about punts.

NCAA Football: Independence Bowl-North Carolina State vs Vanderbilt Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

We were going to talk about basketball but then we didn’t, mainly because neither Will nor I could remember what happened against McNeese last week. We did, however, remember State’s bowl game win over Vanderbilt. And that punt, that one punt that I can’t let go.

Sorry about that, but shoot, man, when your team punts from the opposing 34 then people on the internet are going to be upset about it.

(This episode is rated PG-13 because there are swears. Tunes: “Young Hearts,” by Beach Slang, from A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings. “Tell Her I’m Just Dancing,” by Hiss Golden Messenger, from Heart Like a Levee.)