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NC State vs. Vanderbilt: A brief postseason history

NC State and Vanderbilt have met before, across multiple sports, in a lot of different situations.

Tennessee v Vanderbilt Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Like the above pictured Tennessee gals, when I think of Vanderbilt, I think of sadness. Sadness that is not self-imposed, but rather, sadness that is Vanderbilt-imposed.

NC State’s football team will meet Vandy in a bowl game for the second time in five years, hoping to avenge that first meeting in the Music City Bowl, which super did not go well. NC State has also faced the Commodores in both the NCAA hoops and NCAA baseball tournaments recently. If you have missed any of these games, I am here to provide you with a tidy recap of how each encounter went.

Do not cringe, this will all be fine.



Men’s basketball:

Well I hope you will walk away from this examination of the nature of the NC State-Vanderbilt rivalry with a better appreciation for the history between these schools. Let us all now join hands and together pray that Matt Freije stubs a toe this evening, even though he probably doesn’t deserve that, but darn it, grudges live forever.