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Philip Rivers: ‘Raleigh will always be a special place for us’

Rivers is set to play his first game in North Carolina since he turned pro.

Philip Rivers scrambles with the ball Photo by Craig Jones/Getty Images

Since Philip Rivers left NC State, his return trips to North Carolina have been rare. He’s spent his entire pro career playing on the west coast, and the San Diego Chargers don’t play the Carolina Panthers regularly. This week, however, the Chargers are playing against the Panthers in Charlotte for the first time in over a decade.

On Monday, Rivers was asked by media members about his return to North Carolina, as well as his time at NC State. (The first 2:30 or so of the linked audio cover those topics.)

When he was asked about his memories from his time at NC State:

“It was a special time for our whole family, really. Mom and dad and my brother and sister moved up there. ... I was married and [we] had our first daughter there, ... so Raleigh will always be a special place for us.”

I can’t even imagine trying to juggle raising a kid, playing college football, and also going to school. To get through that my bloodstream would have to be like 75% caffeine. But he managed, and now he’s got a hall of fame career to his credit (and roughly 382 more kids).

We miss you around here, Phil. You gotta come visit dear old Uncle NC State more often.