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NC State ranks 33rd* in football staff compensation

Major-conference assistants are living pretty darn well these days.

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

In 2000, NC State made headlines with its “million-dollar staff,” which at the time was a record for total staff compensation. Now? There are 12 coordinators in college football making at least $1 million, as data compiled by USA TODAY shows.

And NC State is paying its staff nearly $3 million, led by offensive coordinator Eli Drinkwitz ($450,000) and defensive coordinator Dave Huxtable ($481,950). That total ranks 33rd* nationally.

(*Out of all respondents. Not every FBS school chose to divulge salary data, though all 128 were asked. None of the ACC’s private schools bothered to reply, for example. In fact, six ACC schools did not report data.

Of the eight that did, here is how they stack up:

Clemson (No. 2 nationally)

FSU (No. 6)

Louisville (No. 18)

VT (No. 26)

UVA (No. 32)

NCSU (No. 33)

UNC (No. 45)

GT (No. 46)

And hey would you look at that, the league’s most successful programs are all at the top.

The entire list is interesting but it’s also not necessarily an accurate reflection of any given school’s true spending power. Look at how salaries have exploded just in the last half decade:

The cyclical nature of hire-hope-fire in coaching definitely has an impact on where teams lie on this list. Teams that made more recent changes probably spent more money relative to a team compiling a new staff in, oh, let’s say 2012. If you look at that chart, salaries have skyrocketed over what would be a rather brief 4-5 year coaching tenure, so a lot could be different, dollar-wise, from one staff to the next.