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Catching up with NC State offensive coordinator Eli Drinkwitz after a month on the job

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

This a good Q&A from with NC State offensive coordinator Eliah Drinkwitz. It gives us a hint of an idea of what it's like to move from one program to another, and make that move just weeks before National Signing Day. It does not sound easy.

Drinky on moving into a program in January:

There are so many different things going on. When you step into an organization that's already moving, you've got to get caught up to speed with what everybody else has going on. Yes, we're bringing in a new offense and we can slow it down for our staff and our players as we teach them, but recruiting never stops. The offseason training never stops.

The Drink-man's early focus, aside from recruiting, has been getting to know the players on the offensive side of the ball. He is prepping for the installation of his offense, and spring practice is going to get underway in March. He has also had time to survey Raleigh, and astutely noted that if you make a wrong turn, it's fine, because you're just going around in a circle all the time. (He may have been stuck on 440.)