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NC State football is back! Spring practice begins March 1 for the Wolfpack

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

NC State will begin its annual spring cameo beginning on Tuesday, when spring practice begins. The Wolfpack has a number of off-season questions to address, and the most high-profile among them, of course, is who will replace Jacoby Brissett at quarterback?

But there are plenty more--the athletics department did a nice job highlighting some major storylines with this spring spotlight.

Here are some notes, in bullet form:

-- Reggie Gallaspy and Matt Dayes will be "limited" this spring; both are coming off of significant injuries. Dayes missed the latter third of the season after suffering a foot injury against Clemson that required surgery. Per the N&O's Joe Giglio, Dayes has recovered, but State is understandably being careful. Gallaspy suffered an injury against UNC that I don't think has ever been specified.

-- Tony Adams is moving to center.

-- Johnathan Alston and Vernon Grier have been moved to corner.

-- Will Richardson is serving a semester-long suspension related to his DUI arrest, and thus will not participate in spring drills. If you were confused about this like I was (he served a one-game suspension last fall and I thought that was the end of it), I don't blame you. This is actually a school system policy in effect, entirely independent of whatever the football program deems justice.

I'm not upset about this, just didn't know the policy existed.