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National Signing Day: Which NC State signee should we be most excited about?

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Since NC State's 2016 was finalized, I've been trying to figure which player I should be most excited about, as there's not really a headliner in the class. Thaddeus Moss certainly drew the most media attention considering that he is the son of an NFL all-time great, and he's also one of the most talented players State signed this year. He's one of several kids who can make an early impact.

Moss would be a fine choice here, but I think I have to go with Kelvin Harmon, who has the potential to boost NC State's receiving corps right out of the gate. That position group has had its ups and downs during Dave Doeren's tenure, with no real standout performer. (All due respect to Bo Hines and his fine 2014 season.)

So maybe my opinion is shaped by the complete lack of excitement that's existed within NC State's group of receivers. And probably affected by my more general excitement for the wide receiver class as a whole. State really really needed an injection of size, and that's what it got in Harmon (6'3), C.J. Riley (6'4), Bryce Dixon (6'3), and Daeshawn Stephens (6'2).

Harmon seems most likely to have an impact as a true freshman, but even if Harmon and the other freshmen aren't quite ready come September, it's encouraging just to know that they're here and helping to diversify the position down the line. We need that.

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