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NC State football announces home-and-homes with UConn, Vanderbilt, and Texas Tech

Jeff Gammons/Getty Images

Prepare for more football ... in the future! NC State announced three new home-and-home agreements on Tuesday: the Wolfpack has added UConn, Vanderbilt and Texas Tech to its future non-conference schedules.

NC State will host UConn and Texas Tech in 2022, making the return trip to UConn in 2023 and the return trip to Texas Tech in 2027. The Vanderbilt series is set for 2026 in Nashville and 2028 in Raleigh.

The ACC has mandated that every league member should have a power-conference opponent on its non-conference schedule, beginning in 2017. (Notre Dame also counts.) NC State is now almost set to meet that requirement through 2028, when we will take our fancy flying cars to games. The only year between now and then where State still needs to add a P5 opponent is 2024. I figure we'll probably get around to it by then, though.

NC State last played Vandy and UConn in 2012, but the Pack hasn't met Texas Tech since 2003, on perhaps the hottest day in recorded history. State also played UConn that season.