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Wide receiver Freddie Simmons no longer on NC State's roster

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Y'know, I thought the tenor of the news this time of year was supposed to be closer to the "he's in the best shape of his life!" end of the spectrum. NC State has lost a second player in as many weeks, and again it is at a skill position where the Wolfpack can ill afford attrition.

Redshirt freshman wide receiver Freddie Simmons is no longer on the team, per The Wolfpacker. Just like Bryce Dixon, Simmons couldn't last long enough to play a single snap at NC State. So it leaves a lot of lingering questions, some of them what-ifs about the kid's potential, and others about how State adjusts to the development.

Maybe it's not a big deal straightaway, and I don't think anyone would expect a former three-star prospect to have a significant impact as a freshman. Still it's a bit disappointing to be losing players on the near side of the development curve. You don't need Simmons or Dixon today, but they could have proven important parts of the program's foundation in a couple years.

We'll never know.