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NC State football win total over/under is 6: Which way are you goin'?

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Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The NC State football schedule is going to be a bit more difficult in 2016 because the non-conference portion is going to be tougher. The Wolfpack can do something about its non-conference schedule, but alas, there's nothing we can do about having to play Florida State and Clemson annually.

The Wolfpack is probably going to have to take a solid step forward just to match the seven wins it had in 2015, and this is pretty much how one Las Vegas sportsbook sees it: the South Point Casino set the under/over for wins at six. In this case the oddsmakers are in agreement with ESPN's FPI metric, which also pegs State as a six-win team.

The way FSU and Clemson have been trending over the last half decade, you basically have to assume those games are losses and go from there. Those two games are killing the ceiling--real or perceived--of every other team in the Atlantic Division. That does not appear to be changing any time soon, because no other programs in the division are recruiting on anywhere near the same level.

So when you consider that, plus the addition of Notre Dame to the schedule, an over/under of six seems less disappointing and more cold hard reality. One thing, though, is that none of those other teams have Jaylen Samuels, and that's key.

I'm gonna take the over.