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Jaylen Samuels: ‘I want to score at least 20 touchdowns, have over 80 catches’

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Folks, this is the worst moment of the offseason for me. It turns out that Jaylen Samuels is a pessimist. Hold on one sec here, gotta take a deep breath and regroup. Samuels told ABC 11 that he has set pedestrian benchmarks for the 2016 season.

He caught 65 passes in 2015 and scored 16 total touchdowns (nine rushing, seven receiving). Clearly he's been too hard on himself this offseason, to anticipate such modest improvements.

In all seriousness, it is pretty weird to hear a guy talk about wanting to score 20 touchdowns and also feeling like, "yeah, okay, that actually could be doable." It probably isn't, but he isn't just spouting some preseason nonsense, either. In this new offense, who knows. He's needed more as a receiver than he has been in the past. The speed sweep in the red zone can still be devastating.

He should be on the field more often, and should be a bigger focal point in the passing game.

You can see how 20 TDs starts to feel a little low. This is gonna be fun.