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ESPN ‘Film Room’ recap: Dave Doeren demands snacks, plus there was a lot sneezing

hot mike!

Miami v North Carolina State Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

In case you aren’t familiar: ESPN simulcasts the college football playoff championship across its networks, giving viewers a different way to watch the game in each case. Every year, they gather up a handful of college coaches for one of those feeds and sit them at a table to talk x’s-and-o’s during the game.

Dave Doeren was a participant this year, along with fellow ACC coaches Steve Addazio and Dino Babers. Doeren almost seemed like a different guy altogether, cracking some jokes at the other coaches’ expense while also DEMANDING SNACKS.

Snacks arrived via basket minutes later. By halftime, the coaches and crew had pizza. Steve Addazio was extremely locked in all night.

Addazio is doing well here but also spent much of the night coughing. It’s flu season, folks, and if you needed a reminder, there was the Film Room.

I don’t know why I find this so hysterical, okay, I’m just weird. Normally the guys calling a game have a “cough button” that they can hit at moment’s notice to cut the audio while they cough/vomit/sneeze/swear but none of the coaches in the ‘Film Room’ set had that option granted them, and I mean, well, I’m so glad that was the case. God bless you!