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Dave Doeren participating in ESPN’s ‘Coaches Film Room’ during national championship game

A little extra national exposure never hurts.

North Carolina State v North Carolina Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

As usual, ESPN is offering approximately 432 different ways to watch the college football national championship on Monday night. You can stick with the traditional broadcast on ESPN or watch sans commentators on ESPN Classic, for example. The most inspired thing they’ve done with their wall-to-wall bonanza is the “Coaches Film Room” on ESPNEWS, which puts a bunch of college coaches around a table to watch and analyze the game.

This year, Dave Doeren will be one of a half dozen coaches sitting around and talking shop during the Clemson-Alabama game, so if you didn’t have a reason to watch before, you do now.

This particular broadcast is always good for some excellent insight into football, and it’s also the only channel where you get the all-22 camera angle on a regular basis, so basically if you’re a football nerd, this is the best place to watch the game.

It’ll be nice to hear Doeren talk football and maybe get into some of his philosophies. And besides that, every little bit of exposure helps. #alwaysbecrootin