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Family on 2, 1-2, FAMILY!!

NCAA Football: Louisville at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

ONE with Wolfpack Football: Episode 7 is now available, entitled “PERSEVERANCE”.

I wonder if they title these as they go or had them planned out ahead of time. Anyway...

  • Once again, the Learfield team has done a great job with the production value here. Excellent opening shots.
  • Night practice! Full moon shots!
  • Very inspirational story from Graduate receiver Jumichael Ramos on his long road back from a tough knee injury. Hot take: knees are like super important, guys. Props to him and head trainer Justin Smith on the rehab plan and great recovery. Hearing Smith talk about the various strategies for player rehab was a nice change of pace from the usual coach-speak we’ve been getting.
  • Game time! Some more looks at the great Black Howl uniforms. Wouldn’t it be nice if the Clemson game ended up being a night game and these came back out?
  • Even the lockers have Tuffy’s on them! We are witnessing a program rebranding happen in real time.
  • Another thing we’re witnessing: Coach Henry is the official breakout star of this series. Do not be surprised if this guy is a head coach somewhere else in the next 5 years.
  • One thing that we’ll never know about previous seasons is if other CDD (I’m sorry, I mean DFD) teams were similarly locked in with the staff. Having this access is showing us the player’s commitment level. Hard to know if this is new this season, or it was there before and the games just didn’t go our way. Here’s hoping future teams are like this group.
  • Highlights! I’ve seen all these 1,000 times so far between the clips and the gifs (thanks to no23sports), but still doesn’t get old. The main takeaways these clips reinforce are the great offensive gameplan by Drink, and defensive pressure by Hux.
  • The State players were not scared by Louisville in the slightest. Every play they were coming right at the Cardinals, not shying away from contact or throwing stiff arms (or putting your shoulder into the Heisman trophy winner on a game sealing pick six). Confidence levels are HIGH. This is another benefit of a veteran filled team, as personified by Chubb, “They can’t hold us, bruh.”
  • More great shots of the student section. Two words: ON POINT.

I’m going to be sad when this series ends. On a side note, the media team also deserves credit for the weekly Reel. Very well done.