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Week 7 ACC Power Rankings: The halfway point

Clemson and everybody else

NCAA Football: Louisville at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

We are at the halfway point of the college football season, which sucks, but at the same time it doesn’t because our team is very good and this football season has been a lot of fun. Hopefully we continue to be good and fun for the next 7 weeks.

1. Clemson. What if I told you that all that stands between Clemson vs Alabama Part III is NC State?

2. NC State. That was fun. We should do that again sometime. How does November 4th sound for everybody?

3. Miami. NC State handles FSU: cool, nice job but not that impressive because they had a backup QB and hadn’t played in 3 weeks. Miami needs a last minute drive to beat FSU: THE U IS BACK. PUT THEM IN THE PLAYOFFS. I know I shouldn’t be surprised and it won’t really matter in the long run, but it still irks me.

4. Virginia Tech. I’m not sure we’ll figure just how good VT actually is until they face Miami.

5. Louisville. Lamar deserves better.

6. FSU. The Noles and Louisville are in the same boat but for different reasons. They are good but not as good as they should be. Plus, their schedules make them look a lot worse than they actually are.

7. Georgia Tech. If the Jackets can beat Miami this week, which I think they will, they put themselves in position to win the Coastal, and may not even need to beat VT.

8. Virginia. The Cavs aren’t actually good are they?

9. Wake Forest. I’m not as high on the Deacs as others are, but they showed against Clemson and FSU that they can compete.

10. Syracuse. I just realized the Orange probably have the toughest conference schedule in the ACC, but that’s what you get for losing to Middle Tennessee State.

11. Duke. After a 4-0 start, a bowl game isn’t a sure thing anymore.

12. UNC-Chapel Hill. Will Fedora survive this season?

13. Pittsburgh. Who is the worst football team in Pittsburgh?

14. Boston College. These last three teams are all equally unimpressive but I had to put them in some order.