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Week 6 ACC Power Rankings: Things just got interesting

Clemson has lost a football game

NCAA Football: Louisville at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

People are still way, way, way too excited about Miami. Clemson lost. NC State is in the driver’s seat. Wait, what?

1. Clemson. I might get ridiculed for still having Clemson first, but Clemson’s wins over Auburn and VT look better than our wins over FSU and Syracuse (and Marshall).

2. NC State. Our biggest concern at the bye week is that our best wins don’t look so hot anymore. Folks, that’s a good problem to have.

3. Miami. I still don’t think Miami is good. I will probably die telling somebody that Miami isn’t that good.

4. Virginia Tech. They barely have to show up for half (!!!!) of their ACC games.

5. Florida State. Are the Noles… bad?

6. Syracuse. Congrats! You beat Clemson! Now go play back to back road games against Miami and FSU.

7. Georgia Tech. They’ve lost two games by one point each, but they’ve also blown significant fourth quarter leads in each game so it’s their own fault.

8. Virginia. These divisions need to be scrapped. UVA will likely be 4-0 in the ACC after two more weeks.

9. Louisville. Uhhhhhhhhh.

10. Wake Forest. I’m not a believer in the Deacs but maybe I should be. We’ll find out for sure in the next two weeks when they face GT and Louisville who are good measuring sticks for Dave Clawson.

11. Duke. It’s almost basketball season.

12. Boston College. I’m more shocked that BC scored 45 points in one (1, uno, single) game, than I am that they beat Louisville.

16. UNC-Chapel Hill. Sources indicate UNC-Chapel Hill is 1-6. This means they have won one game and lost six of them. We’ll rank them 16th in honor of their record.

14. Pittsburgh. You tried hard and you had fun. But why did you bench Ben DiNucci?