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BTP Pregame Predictions: Notre Dame

So how’s this thing gonna go? Can State pull the W in South Bend?

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Fresh off a bye week, the Wolfpack take a break from ACC play to face Notre Dame under the watchful eye of Touchdown Jesus. The Fighting Irish spent last week demolishing the USC Trojans and look to be the toughest opponent yet for State. In a match-up with potential playoff implications, can the Wolfpack come out of their first ever trip to South Bend with the win?

As per normal, each BTP contributor provides their score prediction below, plus a Twitter-esque 140 character-constrained comment on their predicted outcome. Let’s get to it!


Prediction: 20-24 (L)

Comment: “In a very well played, evenly matched game, State comes up just short... I hope I'm wrong.”

Omega Wolf

Prediction: 26-20 (W)

Comment: “Pack misses a FG, XP, and can't convert for 2 but holds off Irish comeback as time expires“


Prediction: 31-28 (W)

Comment: “This is going to be a hard fought nail biter but Jaylen and Nyheim save the day for the Pack“

Alec Lower

Prediction: 17-24 (L)

Comment: “State comes up short on the final drive of a game that was well played by both teams. Notre Dame ends up just a little bit better“


Prediction: 24-28 (L)

Comment: “Evenly matched games favor the home team; if it was in Raleigh, I would score it the same in our favor“


Prediction: 20-27 (L)

Comment: “Please prove me wrong, I want State to win 100-0. I just feel like their rushing attack will break a couple through.“


Prediction: 25-21 (W)

Comment: “Gonna remain on the optimism train until proven otherwise because at this point I can't help it. “


Prediction: 24-21 (W)

Comment: “State wins the strength vs. strength matchup of run defense vs. run offense.“

BTP Staff Cumulative Prediction: 23-24 (L)

Agree? Disagree? Want to debate... I don’t know, what the heck do you all want to debate this week? Let us know in the comments!