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ONE with Wolfpack Football, episode 6, “Discipline”

Military Appreciation + Lousville Prep

NCAA Football: Syracuse at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Aaaand we’re back with another edition of ONE with Wolfpack Football, episode 6, “Discipline”.

This episode centered on Military Appreciation Day. Coach Doeren opened up about his family’s service in the military, and the fact he was born in a Naval hospital. I definitely appreciated that he told his players they’re not wearing the camo uniforms because it’s cool, but because they’re showing their respect for the military. They went above and beyond with tying in local military members throughout the proceedings Saturday, kudos to them.

Senior Linebacker Airius Moore revealed that he grew up in a military family. I’ve always had respect for those kids because it can’t be easy to have to move around to different places every few years. The fact that he was able to consistently play sports enough to get a D1 scholarship through that shows a lot of heart and dedication.

Wide Receivers Coach, Passing Game Coordinator George McDonald told us you don’t win the game on Saturday, you win it throughout the week. That might be one of the coachiest thing we’ve heard in this series so far. I mean, he’s right, but still.

On to the Syracuse game, Coach Henry once again made us want to run through the wall. Also, is DD lighting the locker room in red when he does his pep talks?? If so, that’s pretty baller.

The lower camera angles used in these replays makes the midfield Tuffy look even better.

Doeren immediately started prepping the team for the next game: “We don’t have a day to celebrate, it’s already game week Monday”…”if you want to beat Lousville, it starts tonight”. Get hype!!

Very good episode, doesn’t quite match the emotion of the FSU win, but nothing could (unless you take down Louisville....). Also, I’ve memorized all the commercials they show during this series, they’re the same and get shown in the same order every time.

Is it Thursday yet??