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BTP Pregame Predictions: Louisville

So how’s this thing gonna go? Can State keep the momentum going?

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

State played one good half of football and one bad half last week against Syracuse. Luckily, the good half outweighed the bad and the Wolfpack got the W, but that same effort probably won’t result in a win against a Louisville team that is essentially just a much better version of Syracuse.

As per normal, each BTP contributor provides their score prediction below, plus a Twitter-esque 140 character-constrained comment on their predicted outcome. Let’s get to it!

Steven Muma

Prediction: 45-41 (W)

Comment: “Eh, sure why not. “


Prediction: 37-41 (L)

Comment: “I smell a shootout. ⬆️⬆️⬇️⬇️⬅️➡️⬅️➡️BABA Select Start > Wolfpack secondary if he breaks containment.“


Prediction: 38-35 (W)

Comment: “This is going to be a damn fun game. “


Prediction: 37-38 (L)

Comment: “I hate myself for this. Louisville scores with less than 10 seconds left, surrender cobras take over the stands.“


Prediction: 41-38 (W)

Comment: “To date, Ville has 10 turnovers; Pack 2; home field gives us one drive-stopping turnover to eke out the W“


Prediction: 35-31 (W)

Comment: “Finley to Harmon to win the game on 4th and goal late in the 4th quarter. Florida State flashbacks for everyone!“

Alec Lower

Prediction: 42-24 (W)

Comment: “I'm feeling it y'all. Let's do this.“

Omega Wolf

Prediction: 37-31 (W)

Comment: “This one ends in another Pack-recovered onside kick after things get a little snug at the end. Take Friday off regardless of outcome.“

BTP Staff Cumulative Prediction: 39-35 (W)

Agree? Disagree? Want to debate whether the College Football Playoff should be 4, 8, or 16 teams? Let us know in the comments!