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Noted towel thief Bradley Chubb receives his comeuppance

Can we put this to bed now?

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

We needed a little bit of levity this week after the tough loss to Clemson and all of the nonsense that came after it, and thankfully, as usual, Bradley Chubb delivers. Chubb, you might recall, earned both scorn and notoriety for trolling Clemson quarterback Kelly Bryant by repeatedly yoinking Bryant’s towel from his back pocket last weekend.

That was beyond hysterical to me, and that’s Bradley Chubb for you; he is not only a great player, but he’s also good at pushing buttons for the sake of trying to gain a mental edge. He’s been doing that sort of thing for a long time.

His antics of course bothered Clemson, but hopefully now we can just be rid of the whole deal, thanks to this:

Gotta be able to laugh at yourself in these situations, and Chubb passed that test. This is great. Let’s hope this is the final word on the matter for all parties involved, and we can go ahead and move on from here.