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NC State Documentary ONE Episode 12, “ACCOUNTABILITY”

That’s what accountability is, it’s earned

North Carolina State v Boston College Photo by Tim Bradbury/Getty Images

I think we can all admit we’re not as chomping at the bit for each new episode of this series as we may have been a few weeks ago. But if you’re not watching, you’re missing out, because this was another good week.

These are the types of weeks where you find what kind of coach you have. How does he build his guys back up after a heartbreakingly brutal loss. Either the Learfiled team is just making Doeren look good, or he really does believe in all these life lessons. Pushing guys to understand there is life after football is extremely important

It was nice seeing some attention given to a couple guys that have been playing well but don’t make headlines. Punter AJ Cole and Tight End Cole Cook know their roles and take strong ownership of their positions. Watch a replay of almost any big run by JaySam or Hines, and Cole Cook probably threw a vicious block to help make it happen. I’m going to say the production team purposely chose the two Coles just to confuse us.

They also gave us some examples of worst accents ever. Thanks for that.

The coaches seem to be giving great speeches, just as I was wondering the main question right on cue Coach Henry said, “I could give these GREAT pregame speeches every single week, but it don’t mean a hill of beans if you don’t go out there and perform well.”

The connection between the speeches and storming out of the gates seems to at times be lost in translation. Being vastly outscored in the third quarter over the course of the season seems to negate a great halftime pep talk. I am not sure what to make of this situation, because I’m not sure if you can fault the coaches for how they’re trying to motivate the players.

That being said, all of the seniors have really taken ownership of setting the tone for the whole program so the younger players can follow. You can’t really ask for a better group of veterans than we have from that respect. The coaches set the consistency, but players will follow the work ethic of those ahead of them. I feel we will be seeing the impact of this group for years to come. Hearing Cole talk about how much harder guys are working now than when he was a freshman is extremely encouraging. I can’t believe that guys used to just talk about what they were going to go do right after they lost. But now guys are committed to getting better, staying at the Murphy Center when they don’t have to be there, and the difference is being seen on the field. Winning at BC is exactly the kind of game NC State usually loses. It may not have been pretty, but they got it done, and we have our staff and vets to thank for holding each other...yes...accountable.

On a side note, as great as it is to include the legend Gary Hahn’s commentary for these episodes, it has been quite humorous every time there’s a big play. Nyheim Hines broke through with his huge run, and just as he gets in the endzone, Tony Haynes chimes in with, “wow”. Like pretty much every time, always gets me I don’t know why.