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NC State falls short at Wake Forest, 30-24, and in the end there’s only sorrow

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at Wake Forest Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The difficult thing about sports is putting sports in perspective—bad calls happen, life happens, and inferior teams catch the breaks at home. This type of thing would bother me for days, but sports don’t affect me that much any more—they still smack me square across the face, mind you, but that is a mild, structured pain. My disdain for that lives only within a small world.

NC State did not quite have enough Saturday night and lost at Wake Forest, 30-24. Football is a game of very small margins, but I know what I’ll take from this one: freshman Emeka Emezie in tears after he almost certainly scored the go-ahead touchdown late in the fourth quarter, only to be overruled by shitty officials.

That’s a sudden emergency call for how life works, and I was not at all ready for this as a teenager, and neither was Emeka. That play may end up defining this entire game, but it shouldn’t. State could have been much better in the interim, could have done much more with the minutes in between. It didn’t.

So this is how we have to live now. NC State is 7-4 and has botched a pair of games against inferior teams. So it goes.