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Week 10 ACC Power Rankings: Boston College is good

File that under things I did not expect to say this year

NCAA Football: Boston College at Clemson Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Football was bad last weekend, but hey, Notre Dame is good and there’s no shame in losing to them. If it comes to it, we will regret the SC game, not the ND game. Now let’s go out and wreck the ACC’s chances at a spot in the playoff.

1. Clemson. I’m interested to see which Clemson shows up on Saturday. If the team that obliterated VT and Louisville doesn’t show up, I’ll take our chances all day long.

2. NC State. My thoughts on the game against Notre Dame are pretty simple: we picked a bad day to have a bad day. A bunch of other stuff also killed our chances, but that’s basically it.

3. Virginia Tech. I’m sure I would get slaughtered on a non-State site, and I might get slaughtered anyway- but I think State is closer to Clemson than VT is to State.

4. Miami. These dudes are the least impressive top ten and undefeated team I’ve ever seen at this point in the season.

5. Boston College. Let’s get weird. This freshman running back AJ Dillon is gonna be a problem for a long time.

6. Syracuse. I’m honestly still not sure what to make of ‘Cuse, but I sure am glad we beat them and don’t have to think about that one anymore.

7. Georgia Tech. Better than their record says, but also not really that good.

8. Wake Forest. Not looking forward to the hot takes when Wake keeps it closer against ND than we did… but that won’t happen if the same ND team shows up.

9. Louisville. Lamar staying or going pro is going to be a huge storyline. Not sure what he’s thinking, but I would be genuinely torn if I was him.

10. Florida State. Another rough season for the annual cellar dwellars.

11. Pitt. They are gonna need an upset over VT or Miami in order to make a bowl, I would be pretty surprised if that happened.

12. Virginia. I’m curious to see how Bronco Mendenhall does in the long haul. Not sure how to judge his success at BYU.

13. Duke. The Devils can still sneak into a bowl but… not likely.

14. UNC-Chapel Hill. I’ll take ten more season like this, and a few basketball seasons thrown in there too, over any sort of “punishment” the NCAA would have handed out.