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NC State ONE Documentary Episode 13 “LOYALTY”

Band of Brothers Edition

Clemson v North Carolina State Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Here’s this week’s installment of ONE With Wolfpack Football:

  • Given that the episode theme is “loyalty”, it makes perfect sense to highlight the “Band of Brothers” that is the NC State offensive line. This whole squad epitomizes what can be done when a unit plays together for a long time.
  • Both Tony Adams and Garret Bradbury get a chance to share their experiences.
  • Tony tried to steal a pair of sunglasses from an innocent equipment manager.
  • Offensive Line Coach/Run Game Coordinator (these are long titles to type out) Dwayne Ledford emphasized why it’s important to trust the players around you, and earn their loyalty. And then he tells all the guys to ignore Bradbury, maybe to increase the bond between the other guys?
  • Adams next tried to get the equipment manager to get him a tub of cheese balls. Not sure if that’s on the approved diet list, Tony.
  • **I’ve said this before, but the hoodie game has been on point by everyone this season. Maybe because we’re further into the fall and the weather has turned, but all these hoodie styles the team is rocking are fresh. How come all of these aren’t on the gopack online store?


  • DFD asked the team what their best looks like when they watch it back on film. I’d assume passes bouncing off facemasks, through hands and sailing over receivers won’t look great in the film room.
  • Regardless of what happened later, Emezie’s TD catch was very impressive. He had a really good game in place of the injured Stephen Louis. Given his strong emotional reaction, we have to believe he will have a good career and one tough fumble will not define him. Not to mention the fact that I’m still not convinced he didn’t cross the plane. Yes, that was a triple negative, you know what I meant.
I don’t know mane

Not going to lie, this was not an easy one to relive with those highlights. One inch at the goal line does not define a player or coach’s worth. If Emezie makes it in Doeren is a great coach, if he doesn’t then Doeren’s a bum, I don’t buy it. The game was lost for more reasons than just one play, but that doesn’t make it any easier. The coaches are clearly preaching everything they can think of to have guys execute. There may have been questionable strategic choices, but when fundamental plays get blown, it’s hard to blame the staff.

This series continues to show the staff in a good light (maybe that’s not a coincidence as I’ve previously mentioned). Frustration is understandable when results don't line up with what we’re seeing behind the scenes. If I wasn’t watching this series, I’d probably be more mad about where this season ended up going. As it stands, I’m more at a “sigh” as opposed to a volcano.