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ONE Episode 12 - “FAMILY” Recap

Season Finale Edition

North Carolina v North Carolina State Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Through three quarters of last Saturday’s game against UNC, I can’t say I was super excited to see this game from the next episode of “ONE With Wolfpack Football”. But then the Heels got Hines’d and moods improved.

It’s fitting to tie the Thanksgiving/Season Finale/Rivalry Week/Senior Week episode to the theme of “family”. This hasn’t come out of nowhere. We have seen Doeren and staff shout “FAMILY ON 2!” throughout this series. It’s become one of the things I have been so pleased to learn about this group of coaches as shown in these clips. They have a way of showing just how much they care for their guys. Frustrations and all, I love having a coach this invested in his players. He not only shows his own respect for them, but in turn expects that same level of commitment from them.

Having 20 seniors is a crazy number. I can’t imagine the emotions for the coaches, the first recruiting class making it all the way to senior day. Surprisingly we hadn’t heard from Bradley Chubb or his defensive line-mates yet, and they echoed similar sentiments. Moments like this reinforce that these aren’t just football players, they get four years of college just like the rest of us (although I rep’d the 5 year plan because I’m cool/lazy). Once that time ends it’s gone forever, so it’s definitely bittersweet.

As the game progressed, it seems as though the energy on the sidelines mirrored the fans. Once the team put together that Hines TD + INT + Hines TD combo, everyone relaxed and started to allow themselves to enjoy the day. This Thanksgiving I’m thankful for Nyheim Hines. Time and again this season, he has seemed to have a sense for when the team needed him.

I think we will really miss this senior class. It’s rare to have this much experience on a football team. Even if recruiting trends continue up, you still don’t have a large group of vets on the team every year. Best of luck to all those guys regardless of where they end up. And to you, Mr. Chubb, we will see you on Sundays. Please continue destroying opposing QB’s and stealing towels.

I hope this isn’t the last episode of this series, we’ll see if another one comes after the bowl game. But if this is the last, then a standing ovation is due to Learfield for their stellar work. We’ve said it before, but it’s truly impressive for this quality of production to be turned around every week. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the basketball team.