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Week 14 ACC Power Rankings: The end of the road

It was a generally fun season

North Carolina v North Carolina State Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Sorry I missed last week, I was busy and sad. Mostly sad.

1. Clemson. I don’t think Dabo will leave Clemson for another collegiate job so I’m gonna need the NFL to come calling. Preferably sooner rather than later. (I really don’t know what would happen if they did)

2. Miami. I gave Miami a lot of flack this year, but they’ve had an excellent season, especially with their top RB going down and in the second year of a head coach. (But they aren’t a top ten team in the country).

3. NC State. Don’t touch T-shirt Dave.

4. Virginia Tech. Nearly as unimpressive as Miami, but still won 9 games and that’s what counts.

5. Louisville. I was skeptical of Louisville all year but 8 wins with that roster shows how incredible Lamar is.

6. Wake Forest. The NC State hangover is a real thing.

7. Boston College. They scored at least 35 points in all but one of their last six games.

8. Florida State. They finished “strong” but I still maintain the team we beat in Tallahassee is completely different from the one that played out the rest of the season. That was a legit, top-25 road win for us.

9. Pittsburgh. Would have made a bowl with a less imposing non-conference schedule.

10. Virginia. A bowl in Bronco Mendenhall’s second season is quite the accomplishment considering what UVA football was.

11. Duke. I can’t believe the Devils snuck into a bowl. I also can’t believe Tennessee wanted Cutcliffe.

12. Georgia Tech. The most confusing team of them all.

13. Syracuse. That was cool when our win over the Orange looked good.

14. UNC-Chapel Hill. The ceiling is the roof or something like that. You deserve it though. All of it.