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Dave Doeren will choose between NC State and Tennessee on Thursday, per report

NCAA Football: North Carolina at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

This took a turn very quickly; for NC State football, for Dave Doeren, for Debbie Yow. Is this the end of the relationship between Doeren and Yow? It wasn’t long ago that contract negotiations were theoretically going well, but now we are here, where Doeren may be done with NC State entirely.

Thursday could to be another long day. Not a bad day, necessarily, just a long one. And you thought we might could get through one bowl or basketball season without drama even with a basketball coach in year one. Well that just shows you what you know.

[heavy sigh]

It was nice to put up that front for a minute. Anyway, Dave Doeren might be Tennessee’s next head coach, and if he isn’t, which he might not be, then he might not be.