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Dave Doeren turns down offer from Tennessee, will remain at NC State

Dave’s staying in Raleigh. Sorry, Vols!

North Carolina v North Carolina State Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Dave Doeren had an offer from Tennessee in hand and it appears took the night (and all morning) to mull over the offer before deciding that he’ll be staying at NC State. Joe Giglio has the story.

Rumors have been circulating all over the place, as they always do in these cases, and I’m sure more concrete details will follow. Doeren was probably offered a nice raise by the Vols, who are starting to get a tad desperate in their coaching search. Doeren will definitely be getting a raise and an extension from NC State, we just don’t know the particulars as yet.

Anyway, everybody can relax now. No coaching search a few weeks from the early recruiting signing period, yay! Doeren and his staff can get back to focusing on closing out a very solid class, and that’s a good thing, too. Glad to have this over with.

Good luck with everything and stuff, I guess, Tennessee.