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NC State’s good is not quite good enough in 38-31 loss to Clemson

Clemson v North Carolina State Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

NC State gave Clemson its best shot on Saturday afternoon, but it was not enough. State made more mistakes, and State was not nearly as good on special teams as the Tigers, and State did not seize control of a halftime lead. Clemson rallied to win, 38-31.

The margins are so slim against a team like Clemson, with that kind of talent, and you can see it fairly quickly. It did not help that State was without Nyheim Hines at full speed, nor did it help that Jaylen Samuels got hurt in the first half.

But still. Still, man we were close. Close again with no breaks, but man. Team played great, crowd was great, and we can dig on into the sorry particulars of this game later (STOP PUNTING EVER), but at this point I’m just dejected.

Clemson has a very good football team, but I’m not sure Clemson was better than NC State on Saturday. State took the loss, though. So it goes.