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NC State is No. 24 in latest Coaches’ Poll, falls out of AP Poll

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Clemson v North Carolina State Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

NC State remains ranked in one major poll after a tough loss to Clemson on Saturday. The Coaches Poll dropped the Wolfpack to No. 24, while State fell completely out of the AP Poll to 27th. Seems a little harsh after NC State’s performance against the Tigers—I dunno what about that effort suggests that this is not still a top 25 team.

But thus is the nature of these things—you lose, you drop, and the circumstances of losing doesn’t often get the weight of context that it should. Oh well.

Clemson moved into the top four in both polls, though the Tigers were already in the top four of the only poll that matters, which is the one compiled by the playoff committee. Wisconsin and Miami are still getting far too much respect for being unbeaten, with Wisconsin ahead of Notre Dame in the Coaches Poll, which makes no sense based on what I’ve seen this season, but hey.

This week will be a test for NC State mentally, following a draining couple of weeks. No telling how a team responds after that, especially with a road trip to an improved Boston College team. It’s always tough to motivate your team to play up there even under ideal circumstances.