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NC State stays in the College Football Playoff Rankings at No. 23

The Pack only drop 3 spots after losing to Clemson

Clemson v North Carolina State Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

NC State stayed in the second week of College Football Playoff Rankings, clocking in at No. 23. This was less of a drop than either the Coaches or AP polls.

One would assume the committee actually saw the Wolfpack narrowly lose to 4th ranked Clemson and didn’t penalize them too much. Staying in the rankings is a positive sign, and the Wolfpack can make another case at moving back to the top 20 with a win at Boston College.

Even if the number isn’t what we would have wanted (or second place in the Atlantic for that matter), being ranked is ALWAYS better than not being ranked. It’s better for the program’s profile and for recruiting. But most of all when I load my sports app I don’t have to click the extra button to switch over to the ACC section, NC State’s score is there in the default Top 25 list.

It’s the little things.