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ONE Episode 11, “DETAIL”

“Anyone wanna quit??” “No, sir!”

Clemson v North Carolina State Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

I missed last week’s recap. I’d like to say it was because I was lamenting the Notre Dame loss. But really I was acting like a good family man and went to Disney World. Even the happiest place on earth couldn’t make me feel better after these last two losses, but here we are.

Looking back at Episode 10, “PRIDE”, aka Personal Responsibility in Daily Excellence, there were a number of things to like. First was a really touching story of Stephen Louis and his family. But the highlight, no surprise, was Coach Henry’s speech about the moso bamboo plant that shows no visible growth in 4 years and then in the 5th year it grows 90 feet! Love the analogy, and I didn’t realize Henry was also a Herbology professor. What can’t this guy do?

Fun fact about bamboo: Each stalk grows to a certain height then stops, but builds a root system underground and drops seeds to germinate the next stalk. It has babies that are taller, that has babies that are taller. Every generation should be taller than the previous year's shoots. Analogies of hope!

Back to this week’s episode, “DETAIL”:

Shoutout to Assistant Football Equipment Manager Wayne “Smoke” Hubert for 31 years of both being at NC State and for being married! I wish I look that young after 31 years on the job.

It’s about time they interviewed Nyheim Hines. Love it when the local kids stay home. I like how he calls Dantonio Burnette Coach Thunder. I’m glad with all the clips they showed of Garner high school they didn’t show him torching Millbrook. That would’ve made me sad.

Man. The game clips would have been so much fun if the Pack had won. DFD trying to politically talk about needing the crowd to always be there for a home field advantage. To everyone’s credit, the fans sounded great all day.

Ugh, that kick return. I counted 10 players that either got juked or missed a tackle. This includes #21 Nick McCloud, who had started it off with a not so great approach and got burned immediately, then tried to make up for it later by running into Dexter Wright. 19:31 mark is the worst. Three NC State players collided, then two more collided a few seconds later. This play was a train wreck, literally.

Even knowing the outcome it’s hard not to get wrapped up in the replay. I don’t know how teams go back and look at game film. I’d just get sad all the time. But I love the way they ended it:

Doeren, “Anyone wanna quit??”

Team: “No, sir!”