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NC State defensive end Darian Roseboro announces he’ll be back for his senior season

Great news for Dave Doeren.

NCAA Football: Old Dominion at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s some big news from late on a Sunday night: NC State junior defensive end Darian Roseboro will be back for his senior season. Since he is three years removed from high school football, he is draft-eligible, so he could go on and take his shot now, and nobody would be upset if he did. He thinks it’s in his best interests to return to college, and he’s probably right.

There is no telling for certain if this will (literally) pay off, but Roseboro will be the leader of the defensive line in 2018, and he’ll have a better opportunity to distinguish himself to pro scouts. Roseboro would definitely get drafted this year, there is no doubt about that; he’s also never been the lead dog up front, and now he gets that chance.

Staying in school worked out well for Bradley Chubb, who should be a top-10 pick this spring. It might not work out exactly that perfectly for Roseboro, but if another year moves him up from the middle rounds to the cusp of the first or second round, then he’ll have made himself a lot more money.